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Upload and Delete files with Amazon S3 and Spring Boot


As a developer, i am pretty sure that you may have come across with scenarios where you need to store images (either user uploaded or application itself) of your application.  There are several possibilities to store file(s) as follows.

  • Store the file(s) somewhere in the hosting server where the application is deployed (if it is a web application).
  • Store the file(s) in the database as binary files.
  • Store the file using cloud storage services.

Here we are going to evaluate the third option (given above) which is “Store the file using cloud storage services“.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an AWS object storage platform which helps you to store the files in form of objects, and, store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere.  Each file stored in Amazon S3 (as an object) is represented using a key.



Spring Boot Application and Amazon S3 Cloud  


Untitled Diagram (12).png

AWS Java SDK supports various APIs related to Amazon S3 service for working with files stored in S3 bucket.



Amazon S3 Account Configuration

Please follow the instructions given in the Amazon S3 official documentation for creating and configuring the S3 account and bucket.

Click here to visit the official documentation. 

I will list down the steps in below for your convenience.

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