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ReactJs : First ReactJs Application


What is ReactJs?

React is a Javascript library, by Facebook, that is used for building user interfaces. It helps to build super fast and reactive web applications that runs on user’s browser.  It uses ES6 based javascript syntaxes.

ReactJs builds the UI (User Interface) based on the concept called Component. The UI view is split into reusable and manageable small segments called components. The ReactJs renders the user view based on those components.  Therefore ReactJs is all about splitting the UI into components and render the UI based on those components.


What is NPM (Node Package Manager) ?

NPM (Node Package Manager) is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language. It is the default package manager used in NodeJs.  It enables the path of accessing thousands of  reusable javascript libraries for your project.

NPM was initially developed as the package manager of the NodeJs. Therefore NPM is distributed (available) with the NodeJs installation.


NPM (Node Package Manager) and NodeJs Server

Here we are going to create a project that manage its dependencies with NPM.  Therefore if you dont have the NPM installed in you development environment, please visit the NodeJs website and install the NodeJs.  If you instal the NodeJs, you will get both NPM (Node Package Manager) and NodeJs Server. Since the Node Server is available,  it can be used as a development server to deploy the project files.

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